20+ Best Canva PowerPoint (PPT) Style Presentation Templates

20+ Best Canva PowerPoint (PPT) Style Presentation Templates

Canva is like the Swiss army knife of online design tools. There’s virtually nothing you can’t do with this online graphic design tool.

In addition to using Canva to make social media graphics, logos, flyers, and documents you can also use Canva to create presentation slideshows.

We handpicked some of the best Canva presentation templates for making professional-looking slideshows for all kinds of projects. Believe it or not, these templates are just as good as PowerPoint templates.

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You can start customizing these Canva slide templates with just one click to present them directly via Canva or download them as PDF, GIF, or even as a video. Check out the templates below.

Modern Company Profile Canva Presentation Templates

When creating business profile presentations for corporate companies and small businesses, you need to keep your slide designs simple and professional. That’s exactly what this Canva presentation represents. It features a clean and professional slide design with a fully customizable layout, animations, and transitions

Yellow & Black Company Profile Canva PowerPoint Templates

If you’re making a company profile slideshow for a modern business, marketing firm, or creative agency, it’s okay to go beyond the traditional design standards. You can use lots of colors and shapes to give your presentation a more attractive feel. This Canva slides template is perfect for that type of company profile presentation.

Doodle Pitch Deck Canva Presentation Slide Templates

With this Canva presentation template, you can make a creative-looking pitch deck slideshow to present your startups, brands, products, and ideas. It comes with a minimalist slide layout featuring doodle-themed objects and elements. This is a paid template but it has one of the most unique slide designs we’ve seen.

Minimalist Travel Plan Canva PowerPoint Templates

This Canva slideshow template is perfect for travel influencers and agencies. You can use it to create minimal and stylish travel plan presentations to highlight the entire journey of your travels. The great thing about using Canva to make the presentation is that you can download this as a video to share on social media.

Business Plan Proposal Presentation Canva PPT Templates

The bold color, creative shapes, and modern design come together to give this Canva presentation a very professional look and feel. It’s great for making more attractive business plan slideshows and business proposal presentations. There are more than 15 slide designs in this template.

Minimalist Elegant Portfolio Canva Presentation Templates

You can use this Canva presentation template to showcase your portfolio like a true professional. It’s designed with photographers in mind but you can use it to create portfolio presentations for designers and artists as well. The template uses a minimal black-and-white design across all slides with space for adding images.

History Class Education Canva PowerPoint Templates

This Canva slide template comes filled with beautiful colors and creative illustrations to help you design more interesting educational slideshows. It’s especially ideal for creating history-themed slideshows for your school presentations. There are more than 20 slides in this template with fully customizable layouts.

Digital Marketing Presentation Canva Presentation Templates

With this presentation template, you can make simple yet professional-looking slideshows for all kinds of digital marketing presentations. It comes with a technology-themed slide design with lots of stylish shapes, images, and objects to give you a head start in your presentation design. The slides include animations and transitions as well.

Playful Education Presentation Canva PPT Templates

The playful and fun design of this Canva presentation template makes it the perfect slideshow for creating educational lessons for kids. There are lots of colorful slides in this template with customizable layouts. Each template has adorable animal characters to make them appeal to children too.

Beige Creative Portfolio Canva PowerPoint Templates

If you’re a freelancer or creative professional looking for the perfect portfolio presentation to promote your skills and services, this Canva slide template is for you. It features a stylish beige color theme with beautiful fonts and a content layout that instantly grab attention. Of course, you can customize the colors, fonts, and images to your preference as well.

Modern Technology Presentation Canva PPT Templates

This Canva presentation template comes with a modern design for making presentations on technology-themed topics. It’s especially great for giving presentations on artificial intelligence, metaverse, and other innovative tech topics. The template includes lots of creative shapes, illustrations, and elements too.

Illustrated Business Marketing Canva Presentation Template

Using this Canva template, you can create a stylish marketing plan to showcase your process for marketing campaigns. It features a dark color theme that allows you to easily highlight specific parts of your slideshow. The template has lots of space for including images, icons, and illustrations.

Comparison Chart Presentation Canva PowerPoint Templates

Whether you want to compare the pricing plan, create product comparisons, or even compare your product to competitors, this Canva presentation template has lots of different comparison chart slides for you to choose from. They have beautiful designs and are also easily customizable.

Photo Collage Business Presentations Canva Slide Template

This presentation template is made for welcoming new employees and team members to your company. It’s great for creating a casual and friendly onboarding presentation for new employees. The template has lots of colorful and modern slides with photo collages to make each slide more effective.

Modern Digital Marketing Canva PowerPoint Templates

You can use this Canva slide template to create playful slideshows for your digital marketing presentations. It features colorful and cute slide layouts with lots of abstract shapes, creative objects, and icons. The template is especially great for making marketing campaign slideshows for feminine and fashion brands.

Back To School 3D Presentation Canva Slide Template

This is one of the most creative presentation templates on our list. It features cool 3D illustrations throughout all of the slides to make each slide more fun and attractive. This Canva slide template is made for school and educational presentations, especially for making back-to-school slideshows.

Geometric Digital Marketing Plan Canva Slide Template

Creating a marketing plan presentation for the next year won’t take too much time when you have this Canva slide template at your side. It includes 10 different slide layouts that you can fully customize to your preference to make a modern presentation for digital marketing agencies.

Casual Fashion Presentation Canva PPT Template

The elegant and stylish slides of this Canva presentation template make it most suitable for creating slideshows for high-end fashion brands and luxury businesses. It’s great for showcasing your latest product lineups as well as for promoting your company.

Elegant Portfolio Canva Presentation Template

This Canva slide template is perfect for freelancers, designers, photographers, and many other types of professionals for making portfolio presentations that stand out from the crowd. It features elegant slide layouts with beautiful colors, stylish fonts, and shapes. There are 10 unique slides in the template.

Social Media Report Canva PowerPoint Templates

A must-have presentation template for social media marketing agencies. With this template, you can create modern and attractive social media reports to accompany your marketing campaigns or even show the results of your marketing efforts. The template has lots of colorful slides with stylish layouts.

Creative Marketing Agency Presentation Canva PPT Template

You can use this Canva slide template to create clean and modern slideshows for your marketing-themed presentations. The template features bright colors with minimal slide layouts to effectively highlight your content above all else. There are 10 unique slide designs included as well.

Blue Pie Chart Presentation Canva Slide Template

Charts and graphs are an important part of every business presentation. With this Canva slide template, you’ll get access to some useful pie chart slides to use in your presentations. Each slide features a different pie chart design with fully customizable elements.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to make a presentation using a free app, Google Slides is another great alternative you can use. It’s free and works online. Explore our Google Slides templates collection to find a cool theme design.

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