20+ Best Premiere Pro Add-Ons, Presets and Plugins (Free +

20+ Best Premiere Pro Add-Ons, Presets and Plugins (Free + Pro)

If you’re a professional video editor or creator looking for ways to supercharge your workflow, this collection of Premiere Pro tools is made just for you.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a great software that’s capable of handling everything from YouTube videos to big-budget Hollywood films. But you need additional plugins, presets, and add-ons to turn this software into a complete powerhouse.

With the right presets and plugins, you can save hours of time that goes into enhancing videos, adding effects, and making different scenes.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of those amazing Premiere Pro presets and add-ons for making amazing videos and projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced editor or just starting out. There’s something for everyone on this list.

2 Million+ Adobe Premiere Pro Templates, Openers, Lower Thirds & More With Unlimited Downloads

Download thousands of versatile Adobe Premiere Pro templates, openers, slideshow templates, lower thirds, and more with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 Premiere Pro templates, design assets, photos, videos and more.

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1000 Premiere Pro Transitions Premiere Pro Presets

With this bundle, you get access to a huge library of transition presets you can use in all kinds of Premiere Pro projects. There are transitions with cool fire effects, glitching effects, zoom effects, and much more. Each preset is fully customizable and comes with sounds effects as well as 12 different resolutions.

1000 Cinematic Premiere Pro Color Grading Presets (LUTs)

Color grading plays a big role in the video editing process. It’s a must-have element for all videos. That’s why you should always look for ways to grow your library of color grading presets. Grab this bundle of Premiere Pro presets to add a thousand more LUTs to your collection.

Computer Cursor Transitions Premiere Pro Presets

If you’re familiar with the mouse click animation used in most YouTube and Instagram videos, you’ll definitely want to download this Premiere Pro presets pack. It includes several presets that allow you to create cool transitions with the same mouse click animation. You can choose from multiple styles of mouse clicks, click and drag, and window enlargement effects.

FX Movie Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Presets

If you want to completely transform your videos into works of art by giving them a Hollywood movie-like look and feel, this Premiere Pro presets pack is a must-have for you. It features a big collection of special effects that you can apply to videos to create unique visual styles and add cool effects.

Premiere Pro Text Animation Presets

This is a bundle full of simple text animation presets for Premiere Pro. it features more than 120 different text animation styles that you can easily drag and drop into the timeline to add animations. What makes this pack most useful is that these animations are compatible with almost every language you want to use.

Studio Plugins - Free Premiere Pro Presets

StudioApp is a Premiere Pro plugin that gives you access to a large collection of transitions, text animations, and various other effects. This Premiere Pro plugin offers a generous free plan. Even though it has limited features, it’s perfect for simple video projects.

start titler premiere pro plugin

You can create cool Star Wars-style title scenes using this text animation preset. It’s a free download and it can be used to create both opening credits scenes as well as end credits scenes for trailers, movies, and fun YouTube videos.

Text Messages Package Premiere Pro Presets

Text messaging scenes are commonly used in social media promo videos to showcase various aspects of products and businesses. With these MOGRT templates, you can create attractive text message animations without effort. It comes with templates in multiple resolutions ranging from HD to 4K. And features fully editable and resizable text.

650 Transitions & Stylization Presets for Premiere Pro

This bundle lets you choose from a collection of 650 Premiere Pro presets for adding cool transition effects and stylization effects to your videos. There are many different styles of transition animations in this pack that you can also use as visual effects to create cool scenes for your video projects.

Futuristic HUD Pack Adobe Premiere Pro Presets

If you’re working on a video related to technology, these futuristic HUD presets will definitely come in handy. It features 20 different HUD animations you can use with your tech startup videos, product promos, YouTube intros, and so much more. Each HUD template is available in 4K resolution as well.

Ultra Color Grading Premiere Pro Presets

Another collection of high-quality color grading presets for Premiere Pro. This collection includes 100 different LUTs for adding unique color filters to your videos. The presets can be found in 10 different categories, including cinematic, B&W, wedding, and urban. They are also compatible with many other apps such as After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

20 Glitch Text Presets Pack For Premiere Pro

With this Premiere Pro presets pack, you can add the popular glitch text animations to your own title and header designs. There are 20 different text animation presets included in this bundle featuring fully customizable settings. They are easy to render and you can add your own backgrounds as well.

Manifesto - Free Text Animation Premiere Pro Plugin

Manifesto is a free Premiere Pro plugin that can be used to create cool title scenes. You can use it to create title rolls and crawls as well. It features easily adjustable settings for you to customize the animations to your preference.

7 in 1 transitions plugin

This free Premiere Pro plugin includes 7 different styles of transition effects packed into one bundle. There are camera movement, lens zoom, glitch, and various other effects included in the bundle. It’s completely free to download and use.

YouTube Transitions Premiere Pro Presets

This is a bundle full of professional and clean transition presets for Premiere Pro. The transitions in this collection are specially optimized for YouTube videos. It includes simple and minimal effects that allow you to create transitions without distracting the viewers. The pack has more than 300 transitions to choose from.

Gradients Color Presets for Premiere Pro

If you want to add colorful backgrounds to your videos to create beautiful titles and intro scenes, this collection of gradient backgrounds will come in handy. It gives you a total of 300 background presets for Premiere Pro, featuring 150 colorful gradients and 150 black and white presets.

X-Type Flow Premiere Pro Text Animation Presets

Using this collection of text animation presets, you can create modern and attractive titles, headings, and typography for your videos without effort. It includes 80 fully animated text scenes in 4K resolution. The presets are available in MOGRT format so you can easily edit and customize them to your preference.

300 Social Elements Premiere Pro Presets

Whether you want to add fun animated emojis to your videos or add animated follow and subscribe buttons, this Premiere Pro presets bundle has got you covered. It includes 300 different animated social elements you can use in all kinds of Premiere Pro projects.

Fire Elements Presets for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro presets pack includes some cool animated fire elements. They are great for adding special effects to your videos to create exploding logo reveals, title scenes, and even add a few fun effects to action scenes. There are several different styles of fire elements to choose from in the collection.

Pan & Zoom Free Premiere Pro Add-On

Pan and Zoom is a free Premiere Pro plugin you can use to create simple photo animations for videos. It includes multiple animations inspired by the effects used by Ken Burns.

Andy's Safe Guides Free Premiere Pro Plugin

This is a very useful Premiere Pro plugin for experienced and advanced video editors. It allows you to add a safe area overlay guides for working with 16:9 video formats. The plugin is very easy to use and generate overlays.

Multi-Screen Premiere Pro Presets Pack

This collection includes more than 30 creative multi-screen layouts that you can use to create beautiful photo walls, grid scenes, and various other multi-screen scenes for your video projects. They are easy to edit and customize as well.

Wedding Essentials Premiere Pro Presets

This is a complete preset pack that comes with everything you need to process a complete wedding videography project. It includes transitions, title scenes, color presets, slideshows, light leaks, and much more.

Fun Titles Maker - Premiere Pro MOGRT Presets

Want to create fun and creative text animations for cartoon trailers and kid’s video projects? Then this Premiere Pro presets kit is for you. It includes 4 projects with 48 MOGRT files for creating many different styles of fun title scenes. There are multiple styles of text animations in each template as well.

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